Garance (Alizarin Crimson)
Cadmium Rouge
Cadmium Rouge Foncé
Cadmium Scarlet
Rouge Éclatant
Rouge Indien
Rouge Claire
Garance Permanente (Alizarin Crimson)
Magenta Permanent
Magenta de Quinacridone
Rouge de Quinacridone
Ochre Rouge
Rouge Vinitien
Rouge Foncé Winsor
Rouge Winsor
Rouge Foncé sans Cadmium
Rouge sans Cadmium
Écarlate sans Cadmium

Winsor & Newton Red Oil Paint

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Winsor & Newton oil paint is the result of a careful combination of the finest pigments, guaranteeing dazzling colors. Each of the shades is meticulously formulated with an optimal balance of oil and pigment, ensuring optimal performance.

Drawing on their unrivaled expertise, cutting-edge production techniques and rigorous scientific methodology, Winsor & Newton is committed to providing you with exceptional quality paint in every tube.