Pâte Grossière pour Impasto 8 OZ
Pâte à  Craquelucre 8 OZ
Pâte de Fibre 8 OZ
Pâte Ferme pour Impasto 8 OZ
Pâte Légère  pour Impasto 8 OZ
Pâte pour Impasto 8 OZ

Golden Paste

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Golden structuring pastes offer the possibility of modifying the texture of acrylic paint, while also serving as a primer for various mediums.

La Molding Paste creates a stiff, opaque film as it dries, which is stronger than gels. It is ideal for producing reliefs and highly textured surfaces.

About the Light Molding Paste, it allows you to create thick textures while reducing the weight by half compared to other pastes such as Molding Paste. It dries with an opaque, matte finish, flexible and softer than Molding Paste.