Liquin Originale Bouteille 75 ml
Liquin Détaille Fin 75 Bouteille ml
Liquin Gel Léger  75 Bouteille ml
Liquin d&
Liquin Originale Bouteille 250 ml
Liquin Gel Léger Bouteille  250 ml
Liquin Originale Bouteille 500 ml
Liquin Gel Léger  Bouteille 500 ml
Liquin Originale Bouteille 1 litre

Liquin Winsor & Newton

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Winsor & Newton Liquin is a versatile medium with a semi-gloss finish that speeds drying, improves flow, reduces brush marks and prevents yellowing. It cuts the drying time of traditional oil paints in half (touch dry in 1-6 days depending on color and layer thickness). 

***Please note that it should not be used as a varnish or final coat.