Additif Fluide séchage lent 118ML (4OZ)

Slow Drying Fluid Additive 118ML (4OZ)

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Discover theSlow-dri additive of Liquitex, the drying time extender ideal for your acrylic paints. Designed to be fully miscible with all Liquitex products, this unique acrylic paint additive extends drying time by 40%, allowing you to mix and work with your acrylic medium for longer, while still retaining the opacity and transparency of your color.

Liquitex Slow-dri additive is perfect for thickening and increasing the viscosity of your acrylic paint, while retaining brush or knife marks for optimal artistic effect. It is ideal for dry and hot climates, giving you the time you need to achieve the desired result.

To use this additive, simply add up to 25% of Slow-dri to your acrylic color or medium using a knife, mix slowly and carefully, and apply as you normally would. If you're working over a long period of time, mix the color on the palette to keep it fresh and skin-free for longer.

Note, however, that it do not add more than 25% from Slow-dri to your color or medium and avoid mixing it with other additives, as this may cause decomposition of acrylic film, making it sticky and prone to removal. Additionally, this additive should not be used with non-acrylic media.

Experience the creative freedom offered by Liquitex Slow-dri additive, a must-have for all artists using acrylic paint!