2_Gris 3
3_Gris Froid 3
6_Gris Foncé 3
8_Gris Foncé 2
10_Gris Jaune 2
11_Gris Jaune 1
12_Gris Foncé
13_Noir 1
14_Noir 2
15_Vieux Gris 1
16_Vieux Gris 2
17_Vieux Gris Rose 3
21_Terre d&
23_Terre d&
Terre d&
Ocre Pâle
28_Ocre Jaune 1
33_Brun Olive Foncé 2
34_Brun Olive Foncé 3
35_Brun Pâle 3
37_Brun Pâle 1
38_Rouge Anglais 2
39_Rouge Anglais 1
40_Terre de Sienne Naturelle 3
41_Terre de Sienne Naturelle 2
42_Terre de Sienne Naturelle 1
45_Terre de Sienne Brûlée 1
47_Brun Gris 2
53_Jaune 1
54_Jaune de Chrome 2
55_Jaune de Chrome 1
56_Jaune de Naples 3
69_Rose Frais 3
73_Outremer 3
74_Outremer 2
78_Violet 3
84_Red purple 1
92_Cramoisie 2
93_Cramoisie 1
94_Rouge Permanent 3
95_Rouge Permanent 2
100_Bleu de Prusse 1
102_Bleu de Prusse 3
103_Indigo 1
108_Gris Bleu 3
112_Bleu Turquoise 1
114_Bleu Céruléum 1
119_Outremet Bleu
121_Olive 1
122_Olive 2
125_Vert Jaune Clair
141_Vert Foncé 1

Holbein single dry pastel

regular price


Holbein soft pastels are the epitome of artistic expression. Designed for discerning artists, these pastels offer a range of sumptuous colors and a velvety texture that allow you to create dazzling works.

Holbein dry pastels, renowned for their exceptional quality, allow easy color layering and seamless blending, providing impressive depth and luminosity to artistic creations.

With Holbein soft pastels, each stroke of pastel reveals unrivaled pigment intensity, capturing the most delicate details with extraordinary precision.

These pastels are the perfect tool for artists in search of a rich and varied palette to bring their artistic visions to life.