Encre Akua - Intaglio - Opaque White - Speedball
Encre Akua - Intaglio - Carbon Black - Speedball -16 oz
Encre Akua - Intaglio - Carbon Black - Speedball -8 oz

Akua ink - Intaglio - Speedball

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Discover Akua Intaglio inks, designed to enhance your creations with vibrant colors and deep blacks. Specially formulated to deliver exceptional performance, they only dry through absorption, ensuring they will not dry out on your printing plates. Easy to clean with soap and water, these inks are perfect for your Intaglio, Etching, Monotype, Gel and Collagraph projects. For a complete printing experience, pair with Akua Liquid Pigment and Akua specific modifiers. Opt for the quality and precision of Akua inks for your works of art.