More than just a distributor of art materials

A History of Family and Passion for the Arts 

PygmaliART, your faithful ally, is inspired by the theory of the Pygmalion effect which demonstrates the impact of individuals who believe in our success. Reaching levels of success that we would never have imagined then becomes possible!

We believe that every artist and creator has a unique voice.

Let us help you reach your full potential.

PygmaliART is the fruit of the entrepreneurial vision of a father who shares a passion for the arts with his daughter.


“I play the artist! »
Jean-Marc Pigeon

Jean-Marc Pigeon, founder and president of PygmaliART, has devoted his life to the field of paint, acquiring extensive experience in the raw materials that constitute it. Among these raw materials, pigment - color - has always held a special place in his heart.

Even before selling his company distributing raw materials for the manufacture of paints, inks, resins and others, he knew he wanted to embark on a new project that would meet the needs of artists for superior quality materials.

Indeed, during his many years of studying different artistic mediums with Quebec artists, he became aware of the difficulty that artists from here have in obtaining high quality art materials.

With his experience in importing and his collaborations with suppliers around the world, he decided to use his expertise as an entrepreneur to supply artists with specialized materials, while nurturing his passion for the applied arts.


Amélie Pigeon, Vice-president of PygmaliART, is a trained musician and self-taught artist. During many years of study, she acquired skills in piano, in teaching the latter, in electroacoustic composition and more particularly in musicology. She used her musical skills to become a teacher in schools. Its objective was to help young people progress in their school career while emphasizing the importance of art in the education system.

Alongside her studies, Amélie got her hands dirty in her father's raw materials distribution company. She accumulated several years of experience there, which allowed her to acquire technical knowledge on the manufacture of paint according to the desired application as well as on the characteristics required to obtain a quality pigment.

From the start, the PygmaliART project fascinated her. She couldn't miss the opportunity to work with talented artists and go on adventures with her father.

Offering you quality expertise, that is our goal

Quality expertise, rooted in generations of eminent manufacturers, while remaining at the forefront of modernity.

To do this, we need you! If you can't find what you're looking for on our online store, please let us know. We will support you in your search for the ideal equipment.

Our store is just the tip of the iceberg of what we can offer you!

We are here to help you achieve your goals.

May the PygmaliART effect be with us!

Jean-Marc & Amélie Pigeon