Windsor & Newton


      PygmaliArt is proud to be associated with Windsor & Newton because on of its high quality products and on to its ethics and ecological awareness. Windsor & Newton is an English company that was founded in 1832 by chemist William Windsor and artist Henry Newton. Needless to say, this is a company that has proven itself! 

      Windsor and Newton are taking concrete actions to reduce their ecological footprint.

      • WATER: The company installed a water treatment system in its facilities to treat water that would usually go to city drains. The company therefore uses a closed water circuit! In addition, in Lowestoft in Great Britain, the company has added a rainwater harvesting system to its system in order to reduce its consumption of fresh water.
      • CADMIUM: Windsor and Newton tackled the environmental issue related to the use of environmentally harmful chemicals used in the manufacture of paints such as cadmium. Cadmium is a heavy metal used in the production of paint for artists which gives the paint color and saturation characteristics that are very difficult to reproduce artificially. 
        • The oil painting product line "Artist" 9 colors does not contain any Cadmium. So when you choose these colors, you know you won't be releasing any heavy metals into the environment!