Terry Ludwig Pastels


      PygmaliART very much enjoys partnering with family businesses like that of Terry Ludwig Pastels, LLC. First of all, you should know that Terry Ludwig is an internationally renowned artist and instructor. He studied with William Mosby and Joseph Vanden Broucke at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. Thanks to his studies in Fine Arts, Terry developed an expertise in color and color mixing. Although the company Terry Ludwig Pastels, LLC was born in 2005, the Ludwig family has been creating handmade pastels since 1995. After many successful years, Terry retired in 2016 and passed on the ownership of the business to his son, Geoff. 

      Geoff Ludwig, is now the President, Owner and Director of Terry Ludwig Pastels. He is no stranger to the art world. In addition to growing up with an artist father, Geoff is a seasoned jeweler having worked for 26 years in the industry. He was trained at the "Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology in Paris", Texas. Geoff's eye for color and design has given him the skills to continue to provide quality handmade pastels that are unique in the world.