PanPastel Artist's Pastel


    The history of PanPastel: an innovation in the art of pastel painting

    Bernadette Ward and Ladd Forsline, the founders of PanPastel, worked tirelessly for five years to develop this innovative product. The initial idea was to create a dry medium that could work like fluid paint, retaining the characteristics that make the pastel medium so special - the directness and purity of color. The founders developed the pastel in a bucket format. This format changed everything, allowing artists to mix pastel colors like never before. PanPastel is a revolution for pastel artists, as it offers many advantages of pastel painting. But it is also suitable for painters who use wet colors (oils, acrylics, etc.), as it offers similar qualities of fluid paint. The founders worked hard to develop the materials and make them available to artists, knowing they would instinctively know how to use them in their work.

    Today, artists around the world are drawn to PanPastel for the benefits it offers. The colors are used for traditional painting and drawing techniques, but also for innovative mixed media. Creativity is at the rendezvous!