Liquitex Acrylic Ink


      Liquitex's ultra-fluid acrylics are made from lightfast, artist-grade pigments, ensuring pure, permanent color with no loss of vibrancy. Unlike dyes, these acrylics provide long-lasting, authentic colors. The formula dries quickly and permanently, without smudging when re-wet or layered. This range of acrylics is available in a variety of opacities to meet your specific needs. 

      660_Glowing Water Green 590_Dazzling Purple 840_Bright Yellow Green 530_Yellowish Bronze 127_Burnt Sienna 128_Burnt Umber 892_Orange without Cadmium 895_Dark Red without Cadmium 893_Light Red without Cadmium 894_Medium Red without Cadmium 164_Cerulean Blue 470_Imitation Cerulean Blue 170_Cobalt Blue 381_Imitation Cobalt Blue 172_Cobalt Teal 169_Cobalt Turquoise 350_Permanent Dark Green 186_Violet Dioxazine 225_Dark Hooker Green Permanent Imitation 322_Indanthrone Blue 324_Indian Yellow 237_Antique Gold Iridescent 234_Sparkling Iridescent Gold 236_Sparkling Iridescent Silver 229_Rich Iridescent Bronze 239_Rich Iridescent Silver 238_Iridescent White 244_Ivory Black 770_Permanent Light Blue 680_Purple Light Blue 810_Light Pink 276_Black of Mars 500_Medium Magenta 292_Napghtol Carmine 294_Clear Naphthol Red 599_Neutral Gray 5 436_Parchment 310_Payne Gray 316_Phthalyanine Blue Green Shade 314_Blue Phthalocyanine Red Shade 317_Green Phthalocyanine Shade Blue 319_Green Phthalocyanine Shade Yellow 391_Prismatic Violet 326_Carmine Pyrrole 323_Orange Pyrrole 321_Pyrrole Red 118_Blue Violet Quinacridone 108_Burnt Orange Quinnacridone 110_Carmine Quinacridone 114_Maganta Quinacridone 112_Quinacridone Red 109_Red-Orange Quinacridone 331_Umberland 335_Oxide Red 432_Titanium White 129_Transparent Burnt Sienna 130_Transparent Burnt Umber 430_White to Mix Transparent 332_Transparent Sienna 333_Transparent Umber 327_Viridian Transparent Imitation 730_Turner Yellow 380_Ultramarine Blue Green Shade 382_Ultramarine Blue Nuamce Red 434_Ecru Titanium 398_Viridian Permanent Imitation 740_Lime Lemon Green 620_Red Bright Orange 411_Light Hansa Yellow 412_Medium Azo Yellow 414_Yellow Azo Orange 416_Oxide Yellow 889_Light Yellow without Cadmium 570_Dazzling Blue 230_Rich iridescent copper