Caran D'Ache


      Caran D'Ache: The art of Swiss drawing - Excellence in art supplies

      Established in 1915 in Geneva, Caran D'Ache has established itself as the benchmark for quality art supplies. Fusing traditional Swiss craftsmanship with modern artistic innovation, the brand is now acclaimed worldwide.

      Whether it's colored pencils, pastels, or other essential drawing tools, each product is designed with unparalleled precision. This devotion to art is why many professional and amateur artists trust Caran D'Ache for the richness of pigments, durability and purity of its products.

      But the brand does not stop there. It also embodies ecological responsibility. By favoring sustainable materials and eco-responsible methods, Caran D'Ache ensures that its passion for art is combined with the protection of the environment.

      By integrating Caran D'Ache into your collection, you offer much more than high quality art tools. You offer a rich artistic experience, rooted in excellence and respect for our planet.