Van Gogh


    PygmaliART recognizes itself in the vision and mission of Royal Talens. Both of us believe that the creativity is one of the most powerful human assets. It stimulates our ability to express ourselves, to learn and to connect. We also know that sometimes creativity needs a boost. A new inspiration, a goal or a motivation. PygmaliART is therefore partnering with Royal Talens to offer you the support you need and deserve. 

    In 1899 Marten Talens founded the "Dutch Factory for Paints, Lacquers and Inks"in the town of Apeldoorn in the Netherlands. First, the company produced office supplies and inks for quickly branch off to products for the creation of art. It was in 1949 that the Talens company received its letters of nobility when Queen Wihelmine designated it as "Royal", hence the name of Royal Talens.