We consider ourselves lucky to have the opportunity to do business with the renowned company Sennelier which came into being over a century ago.  

    It was in 1887 that Gustave Sennelier established himself as a color merchant in front of the Louvre and a stone's throw from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. Passionate about the chemistry of colors, he began to develop a range of colors with a hundred shades in 1888. 

    After extensive research into the history and use of pigments, he developed a distinctive process for making oil colors. The work was so precise that artists began to regard Sennelier's palette as the ultimate standard of quality. 

    Today, one can admire works of artists who used Sennelier oil painting in the largest museums in the world. The name Sennelier is also recognized for maintaining the traditions of the old masters and admired for his ingenuity in combining it with the innovations of modern chemistry.